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Sleeky Yellow Double Rings Nylon Harness Mini

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Size: Mini, Shoulder: 6``-13``, Chest: 9``-15``. Color: Yellow. 1. Make sure chest clip is undone before placing harness in dog. 2. Bring front legs through fixed side of harness. 3. Clip other side of harness together. 4. The dog should be able to move comfortable once harness is on. 5. Make necessary adjustment. The sleeky adjustable dog harness has adaptable straps that allow you to tighten or loosen the harness to fit the unique shape of your pet. This feature craetes a comfortable fit, easy mobility, and provides better control over your pet. The sleeky adjustable dog harness also has an easily accessible quick release snap that allows for the speedy release of your pet. Look for the assortment of sleeky leads and lashes that can be attached to the metal ring on the back strap of the sleeky adjustable dog harness.
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