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Sleeky Bronze Enhancing Shampoo 350cc

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Bronze Enhancing Shampoo. Sleeky Bronze Enhancing dog shampoo SLEEKY Bronze Enhancing Dog Shampoo (Brown colored Coat) Hair and skin care shampoo for brown-haired dogs Slicky Hair and Skin Shampoo specially formulated for dogs with brown hair (golden, light brown, dark brown, reddish brown, oak, Mahogany) is especially formulated with Pearlescent Bronze Brighteners and Coat Conditioners to give your dog`s brown coat an extra shine. It also helps to condition the discolored dog`s coat. Rough to soft, smooth, bright, beautiful, lively, pleasant to the touch. Slicky Shampoo, a clean deodorant bath, gives a fresh scent, enriched with EXTRA Moisturizer and cleaning agents that help balance the dog`s skin condition and retain water. Natural nourishment of the dog`s skin. Makes the dog`s skin smooth, soft, moist, not dry, itchy. How to use: Wash the dust off the dog. with clean water to wet Mix equal parts slicky shampoo with water. Beat the bubbles and then lather on the dog all over the body and leave it for about 5 minutes, then rinse and bathe again. Then dry the dog and brush the dog`s coat to shine.
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