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1.5kg Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult

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Radiant Fur and Healthy Skin: Borage oil and Biotin make your dogs fur softer and more radiant. The ``Intense Colour`` Complex supports the development of the steel blue-gray color. Sulphurous amino acids encourage the production of keratin, and supports the formation of the fur Tartar Prophylaxis: Sodium phosphate intercepts the calcium in saliva, so that it cannot be used in the formation of tartar. The special size and texture of the kibble lead to optimized chewing and deep penetration into the teeth that gently, yet, abrasively cleans your pets teeth. Highest Absorption: select nutrients ensure the highest absorption even for fussy dogs Delay of Ageing: anti-Oxidant complex protects your pets long living cells from free radicals, a reduced sodium content protects the heart, a low phosphorous content relieves the kidneys. Chondroitinsulfate and Glucosamine, building blocks of protein, protect your terriers joints.
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