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15% Quebeck Rosehip Oil 100ml

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Rosehip oil. Dosage: For internal use : it is recommended to mix with dry food or raw meat in the following portions: 2-5 kg body weight: half a mocha spoon (approx. 2 ml) / day 5-10 kg body weight: 1 mocha spoon (approx. 4 ml) / day 10-20 kg body weight: 1-2 mocha spoons (approx. 6 ml) / day 20+ kg body weight: 3-4 mocha spoons (approx. 8 ml) / day When used externally : it is recommended to soak a cotton swab, soft cloth in oil and gently rub it, soaking the desired skin surface. The oil is soon absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and connective tissue. Complementary products.
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