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15% Quebeck Ferti-Q Powder 250 gm

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Improves the fertilization rates of pregnant female dogs due to its overall effect. Promotes the birth of healthy, homogeneous litters. Increases the absorption capacity of intestinal villi, increases the nutrient utilization index. Enhances aerobic metabolism, thereby increasing endurance, endurance. Stimulates liver function and its detoxifying properties. Increased, general antioxidant effect, reduces oxidative processes in the blood. Stimulates myocardial function, improves vascular wall function. Stimulates cell energy production. Recommended Usage: In breeders, before each mating, during pregnancy, until weaning of the puppies. To improve the fertility index, alone or programmatically with another preparation. For lactating bitches to raise large numbers of litters. To catch up with underdeveloped puppies. After cesarean section surgery, as an adjunctive treatment to accelerate healing. Dosage: To stimulate fertilization : apply as a cure, 4-5 weeks before mating, for 2-3 days after delivery, in the following dose: 1 measuring spoon (5 g) / 10 kg / day.
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