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Purina Friskies Junior with Chicken and Vegetables 3kg

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During the period of growth, your puppy requires a diet rich in vitamins and antibodies that will mobilize his immune system to work. In addition, when a young dog gets to know the world, he needs much more energy, which can only be provided by a properly balanced diet. Friskies is a pet food developed by Purina veterinarians and nutritionists. By feeding Friskies Junior dry food with milk, you are giving your dog a good start into adult life. Friskies is a staple food that takes into account the need for vitamins, nutrients and minerals. The delicate composition of the food, the addition of brewer`s yeast - the source of probiotics in Purina Friskies food will protect the dog`s digestive system against food intolerances or diarrhea. Chicken meat with vegetables and delicious cereals is a delicious meal for your puppy.
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