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Purina Cat Chow Hairball with Chicken 1.5 kg

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Purina Cat Chow Hairball contains natural fibers that gently move the hair swallowed during washing through the digestive tract and naturally remove it. High content of meat as a source of high quality protein in every serving to maintain optimal weight. Contains chicken and specially selected protein sources to meet the natural needs of a cat Carefully crafted with natural ingredients (parsley, spinach, carrots, whole grains, chicory and yeast) combined into a delicious recipe that cats instinctively prefer Purina cat chow Naturium is a special combination of natural fibers. It contains a source of natural prebiotics that has been proven to improve the balance of intestinal flora and support your cat`s digestive health, and he gets the most out of his diet. Contains Vitamin E to support the body`s natural defenses and B vitamins to help use energy productively All Purina Cat Chow ingredients have been carefully selected: no added artificial flavors / no added colors / no added artificial preservatives Specially formulated with sources of dietary fiber for twice the speed of hair removal from the stomach. Especially suitable for cats living at home. Ingredients: Cereals (38% whole grains), meat and animal by-products (10%), vegetable protein extracts, animal fat, vegetable products (5.4% dried beet pulp, 0.07% dried parsley is equivalent to 0.4% parsley), vegetables (2% dried chicory root, 0.07% dried carrots equivalent to 0.4% carrots, 0.07% dried spinach equivalent to 0.4% spinach), vitamins and minerals, yeast (0.3%), antioxidants (butyl hydroxyanisole, butyl hydroxytoluene, propyl gallate), phosphoric acid, choline chloride, taurine.
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