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Profine Dog Puppy Chicken & Potatoes 15kg

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A puppy may face different health problems due to inappropriate diet during his growth phase. Therefore, the choice of food for your 4 legged companion during this period is important for his future health. In order to adequately meet his nutritional needs, we suggest Profine Puppy Chicken. This dog food provides the energy required for your dog‘s development. It includes proteins and chicken fats needed for the normal development of all muscles and bones. It has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that ensure the proper functioning of the heart and neurons. In addition, it improves the condition of your puppy‘s coat. Profine Puppy Chicken is also formulated with several vitamins (A, C, E) that reinforce your dog‘s natural defences so he won‘t be susceptible to infections and parasites. Probiotics maintain the balance of the intestinal flora for better digestion. The chicken is easy to digest. To feed your puppy, you should divide the daily portion in 4-5 doses throughout the day. This way of feeding with give your little puppy balanced growth. This dog food is perfectly suited to puppies of small, medium and large breeds. It guarantees an optimal physiological development without the risk of gaining weight too fast.
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