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Pro-Nutrition Crocktail Adult with Turkey 2kg

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Crocktail Adult with turkey is a complete food for adult cats. Benefits: Hairball control (plant extracts) : The combination of malted wheat and plant extracts and a suitable crude fibre level limit hairballs. Controlled urine pH : The mineral balance and its reduced level limit kidney`s overloading and help to provide an optimal urine pH. Healthy skin and a silky coat : Biotin and chelated zinc are included together with an optimal balance of essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and 3) to promote healthy skin and a silky coat. Ingredients: Dehydrated animal proteins (25% min.) (chicken, duck, turkey min 4%). Corn. Wheat. Animal fat. Peas. Corn gluten. Animal protein hydrolysates. Linseed. Duck fat. Apple ?bres. Broad bean ?bres. Beet pulp. Fish autolysates (0.5%). Ammonium chloride. Plant extracts. Brewer`s yeast. Clay. Methionine. Sea salt. Taurine. Malted wheat. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Yucca. Rosemary extracts. Enterococcus faecium (4b1707) (Probiotics). Vitamins and trace elements.
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