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Pet Love Anti Odor Spray- Lavender Eliminator 300ml

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Lavender-based deodorizer in spray form for cats and dogs, used to remove odors in the environments they live in. Thanks to its lavender essence content, it leaves a fresh and pleasant scent in the environment where it is applied. It absorbs by encapsulating the bad odors craeted by the pets on the surfaces and in the areas where they are found. It prevents the spread of bacteria caused by the feces of cats and dogs and prevents bad odors in the house. It can also be used as a room freshener by spraying inside the house in pet beds and cat toilets with intense bacteria formation. In addition to being antibacterial, it contains high quality disinfectants. The flavors in its formula are oil based, not essential oil, therefore it is a non-allergenic product. It can be applied to all washable areas such as carpet, wet floor, parquet (except areas with silk content).
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