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Padovan Grandmix Cavie 850g

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Compound feed for guinea pigs, chinchillas and degu. Food for small herbivorous pet rodents, with fruit and vegetables and added vitamins, including vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for guinea pigs, who are unable to make their own, meaning they need to get it through their diet. Composition: Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin (lucerne 11%), vegetables 13% (carrot 1%), fruit 7%, minerals vegetable protein extracts. Analytical Contents: Crude protein 16%, crude fibres 12%, crude oils and fats 15%, crude ash 6,5%, moisture 11%. Method of use: Pour into a food trough for the animal to graze on, adding well dried hay to ensure your pet is getting enough fibre. Provide fresh, clean water every day. Keep in a cool, dry place.
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