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NAS Dermal Cream 60g

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For an easy-to-apply solution to your pets minor wounds, scratches, or dry skin, Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Cream is ideal. Fast absorbing and all-natural, it contains antibacterials, antifungals, and plant extracts to assist your pet in healing their wounds faster. Professionally formulated by Australian Animal Naturopath Jacqueline Rudan, this cream acts quickly in restoring damaged skin. Satisfied customers say that almost instantly the redness and itching went away after using the Dermal Cream. For fast results and optimum natural healing, try Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Cream today. Ingredients: Comfrey oil, Neem seed oil, Witch hazel, Golden seal, Yarrow, Lavender oil, Vitamin E, Aluminium acetate solution, Grapefruit seed extract, Rosemary extract. List of ingredients is not exhaustive, if you have concerns over allergies then contact the manufacturer. Directions: Apply 1 - 2 times daily.
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