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Dolfos DolApis 250g

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DolApis is a natural nutritional product for pigeons with bee polen, vitamin C and dried Beer yeast. Bee pollen is vegetal product processed by bees, rich in biologically active substances. It contains amino acids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, lipids and fatty acids, enzymes and coenzymes as well as vitamins and mineral salts. Presence of a pollen increases birds' activity and their immunity. It also normalizes the digestion, lessens the impact of toxins such as air pollution and pesticides. Pollen contains anti-biotics that improve getting rid of noxious microorganisms, it also helps retreive balance of the organism and optimal shape. A formula is a very valuable conditioner that supplements bird's organism with aminoacids, bio-elements and vitamins essential to optimal functioning of a bird's organism.
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