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Cleapet Antibacterial Nano Pet Deodorizing Cat and Dog Towel 20g

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Anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral capabilities from natural ingredients. It is a Nano silver antibacterial technology, biodegraded, non-harmful multi-purpose product that eliminates eye tear stains, bad oral odor, hair loss and skin problems effortlessly. Also supports treatment of skin and fur problems such as fungus, eczema, dandruff and helps open wounds heal faster. Substitute for many in pet care: Cleans fur & feather, stops body smell, helps in healing; skin, eye, ear, nose, paw problems. Reduces shedding, supports tooth care. Only all in one natural vegan pet cleaner; Antibacterial Cleaner, Wound Care, Paw Crack Cream, Nose Crack Cream, Allergy Treatment, Eye Cleaning Wipes, Feather Spray, Ear Cleaning Product, Oral care, Odor Eliminator, Fungal Treatment, Eczema Treatment, Scabies Treatment, Skin Treatment, Reduce Father Molting
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