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Schesir Cat Food Tuna With Quinoa 6pc x 80g

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Top quality food for adult cats made with 100% natural ingredients, free from added colorings and preservatives. Careful selection of the very best parts of the fish, steam-cooked and hand-processed. In soft jelly. Quinoa is a seed and not a cereal, so it could be delacred GRAIN FREE (and consequently GLUTEN FREE). Compared to cereals, Quinoa brings much more fiber and it is low in fat, therefore we use it as an aletrnative to rice as a match to tuna and chicken to rebalance the protein and fiber contribution, using always a vegetable, but in this case a vegetable which, although containing more fiber, protein is more than in rice. It is cultivated in the Andes for 5,000 years because it is a very hardy crop that easily adapt itself to all environmental and climatic conditions. It goes very well with the concept of “natural” of Schesir because it is not necessary chemical fertilizers use and ground preparation is made with artisanal methods, not by mechanical methods. Composition: Tuna 51%, Quinoa 4.1%.
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