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Canina Petvital Novermin Cat 2ml

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Spot-on to repel ticks, fleas, lice and other vermin. Also effective against flying insects such as mosquitoes and horseflies. With natural active ingredients that do not burden the animal and its metabolism. Very well tolerated by dogs and cats due to the pleasant smell and nourishing, moisturizing fatty acid as a carrier. Does not penetrate into the bloodstream, but into the upper layers of the skin: it peels off with the renewal of the horny cells within approx. 4 weeks. The effect lasts up to 4 weeks after application, even after rain or a short swim. Composition: dodecanoic acid (naturally found in coconut oil), isopropyl myristate, neem extract (naturally found in the neem oil seed of the neem tree). Depending on the size and texture of the cat`s fur, 1-3 dorps (entire ampoule for a large Maine Coone tomcat weighing 8-10 kg, for example) are applied in a circle between the shoulder blades. The hair must be parted before application so that the small dorps go directly to the skin. Store the remaining ampoule in the refrigerator until the next use. In rare cases, allergic reactions, local or systemic, are possible. If using another spot-on (before or after, chemical or natural) wait 6 weeks before applying. Puppies / young cats should weigh at least 1 kg in order to be able to use PETVITAL ® NOVERMIN .
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