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Canina Dog Immun Protect 150 gm

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Especially for puppies, mother dogs, old and ill dogs and performance dogs! Mother dog: - To strengthen the immune system and enhancement of the vitality - For the production of high-quality colostrum in sufficient quantities Puppies: - To strengthen the immune system and anhancement of the vitality especially at insufficient inkae of colostrum or missing colostrum due to illnesses of the mother dog or due to a big litter (feeding can start from the 2nd day of life) - As support for the body‘s defences in situations of stress, e.g. during the ablactation or a new home, at diet-related indigestion like diarrhoea Fully grown and performance dogs: - As enhancement of well-being and vitality - To strengthen the immune system and to shorten the period of convalescence, for weak dogs e.g. caused by stress with following indigestion like diatthoea, high age, illness or surgery - For the enhancement of the performance of the dog, as preparation for competitions/exhibitions/work and for a quick recovery after those
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