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Beavis Puppy Trainer Toilet Spray 100ml

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It is a very natural behaviour for our lovely friend who has just joined your family to relieve itself in any part of your house. Developed for the comfort and cleanliness of your shared living spaces, Beavis® Puppy Trainer Toilet Spray is specifically developed by our experts so that our cute friend can relieve itself in the area you define. Spray 3-4 times on the part of the toilet training pad as you have defined, and let our lovely friend to sniff the training spray so that it can get familiar with it. When it feels itself ready, it will head to the part of the pad you have defined. It will highly appreciate it if you call it by its name and reward it as long as you get the desired result. Beavis® Puppy Trainer Toilet Spray will make the life easier for the new member of your family in your shared living.
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