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Bark Badge Full Camo Badge

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The future of dog tags has arrived. 1 in 3 dogs will go missing in their lifetime. Bark Badge can replace your old dog tag forever with more information, practicality & features. Bark Badge profiles can hold all of your pets information and you can manage all your pets from one convenient web app! Bark Badge app is updaetd weekly with more features and additions. No subscription or battery required! Increase your privacy with Bark Badge. Hide all the information you want from strangers and only show what you want to provide. When someone scans your pets Bark Badge they will only see the information you made available. Works with any smart phone (iOS & Android) Once you place an order, we will assist you on how to setup your Bark Badge. - Mobile Friendly App: craete your account on our easy-to-use app! updaet all of your pets information instantly! Manage multiple pets from one profile. People who scan your pets Bark Badge do not need to download any app. Compatible on all devices. - GPS Tracking: Once someone scans your pets Bark Badge you will receive an email and text of their exact location. You can view your entire scan history from our app. - Stay updaetd: Simply updaet all of your pets information instantly from our app. You can change everything from phone numbers, addresses and much more. - Data Encryption: Bark Badge is HUGE on data encryption. All information on your profile can be set as public or private. This will allow you to only show what is needed, when needed. - NFC + QR Capability: Tap any side of your Bark Badge with your phone or scan the QR code to access your pets profile. Protect yourself & your pet from unwanted eyes seeing your name, phone number, address and much more private information. Decide when you want your information shown through our app. Pacifications: 26mm in diameter. HOW IT WORKS: Multiple phone numbers, Multiple email address, Gallery (pictures, videos) Your pets bio. Generate a lost pet flyer instantly from your profile. Alert system to users in your community. Report your pet lost feature. Upload medical documents. Vaccinations. Microchip number. Add allergies. Personality type. Passive GPS (Get sent exact coordinates and address of your pet). Add pet social media handle(s). Add pet ownership information. and SO MUCH MORE...
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