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Animall Pet Deinsectization Flea Shampoo 4000ml

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Animall Pet Deinsectization Flea Shampoo for cats and dogs. This product is made by several pet experts who have spent years in studying according to the characteristics that the pet has on sweat glands under subcutaneous and internal secretions produce peculiar smell by discharging. It contains traditional Chinese medicine extracts like surfactant, tea tree oil, palm resin, alove vera, betaine, natural esbiothrin powder and stemona to help pets remove stains and effectively kill ectoparasites like fleas after washing it, which can prevent mites, ticks infections of skin, make body health, recover hair to manageable and clear peculiar smell. This product is a new environmental protection formula, with pure and fresh and lasting aroma. It has imported raw materials and high concentration formula. This product has no irritation on pet skin and no cruelly negative effect. Usage: First of all, wet pet body hair, then daub it with pet shampoo and roll with your hands. After 5 minutes, wash it with clean water until it is clean.
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